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A 5D bend as a smart solution for your piping

Maybe it means something to you or maybe not, but a 5D is a common term in piping systems. This bend has a specific radius. The five stands for the fact that the bend is five times the nominal diameter and the D stands for diameter. Do you want to lay pipes and do you need a specialist to do this? Then is exactly what you are looking for. They have years of experience with the 5D elbow and other pieces of piping and piping systems. They mainly make products such as pipes and pipe bends which are very widely used in the chemical, gas, oil and electricity industries for the transit of various types of substances. Read on quickly to learn more about the 5D bend and barred tee offered by this specialist.

The use of the barred tee

If you’re not familiar with the 5D bend, the barred tee probably says something to you. This is in fact a pipe piece with a split in it, basically just like a T-junction in the road. These pieces are made so that you can direct the substance flow. When pigging, the advanced cleaning of your piping system with a mobile cleaning prop (the ‘pig’), it is essential to have both regular tees and tees with bars. These tees are used to direct the pig. In other words, knowing the difference between a regular tee and a bar tee is very important if you want to clean your pipes efficiently. So, if you don’t know enough about the barred tee or don’t know which tee you need, you can always turn to the specialists at They not only have a wide range of different 5D bends and tees, such as a barred tee, but they also always provide you with expert advice. So don’t just stare at the large selection, but always ask for appropriate advice for your project!

Contact the company

First, check out this specialist’s offerings online and then contact them for advice on the 5D bend or barred tee. They will be happy to assist you and help you with your project. With their years of experience and broad knowledge, they know what is best for your piping system.