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How to use non-destructive material characterization

IMCE, a professional company based in Belgium, can help your company when you want to use non-destructive material characterization. This impulse excitation technique is becoming more popular with a wide variety of industrial industries. With non-destructive material characterization, it is possible to identify and analyse elastic components and friction of different industrial materials. This makes it possible to have a closer look at the created frequencies, which are useful for the shear Modulus, Poisson’s ratio and Young’s modulus for example. You can use disc-shapes, rectangular shapes or cylindrical shapes for non-destructive material characterization. Are you interested in the areas of expertise of this company? Or how to get started with non-destructive material characterization? Read more below and get to know this company a bit better.

Have a look at their products

Whatever your industrial company, IMCE (based in Belgium) has the right solution in stock for you. Not only non-destructive material characterization is one of their fortes. They have professional appliances to use with room temperatures, high temperatures, low temperatures, measurement support and measurement services from the highest quality in the business. With non-destructive material characterization, a lot of different materials are suitable for this specific technique. Think about ceramics, metals, composites, refractories, building materials and different sorts of coatings. With a single sample they can determine the aging, fatigue and radiation level of a chosen material.

Discuss the options

Let the experts of IMCE help you with non-destructive material characterization. Feel free to contact them when you want to know more about their reliable and professional approach. Simply send them an e-mail, phone them or leave the details of you and your company behind via the easy-to-use online contact form. They will gladly tell you more about their used theory, wide range of products, versatile applications and used materials.