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Major advantages of using a double deck trailer for transporting goods

A double deck trailer is a special kind of trailer equipped with double loading floors. As such, the double deck trailer offers approximately double the capacity for goods of a regular trailer. In other words, this is the perfect solution if you have to transport large quantities of goods or voluminous products such as matrasses or foam products. Loading these products into the cargo space is done with a hydraulic lift mechanism. This makes it possible to double and even triple stack goods. The first deck is loaded and then lifted to make room for stacking on the next floor. The hydraulic system can also be used to compress voluminous goods without damaging them.

How does your company benefit from a larger cargo space?

The transport of your goods is optimized thanks to the use of a double deck trailer from Blankers Transport. These experts make sure to transport your goods quickly and efficiently across Europe. One of the biggest advantages of using a double deck trailer is that it is very cost efficient. If you stack more goods into one trailer, you need less trailers to transport all your goods. This reduces transportation costs of your cargo.

Inquire about the possibilities at this transport company

Would you like to know what is possible at Blankers Transport? They have a large fleet of over 40 trucks. Some of these are destined for regular transport whereas others have a double deck trailer. These experts have specialized in maximizing cargo space for transports. All your cargo is handled with the utmost care and protected with a BV3 alarm. Also, thanks to a state of the art route tracking system you can track the location of your products at any time. Explore the possibilities on their website or contact them for more information about their services.

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