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Making your shoes beautiful again

Did you recently buy a new pair of shoes and are your shoes not as new anymore? Many people would experience this as very unsatisfying. It is not immediately necessary to go back to the store or to buy another pair of shoes. It is also a possibility to paint your shoes to make them pretty again. This can be done in a lot of ways and is an easy and relative cheap solution.


Painting your shoes is easy when your shoes are made from suede or leather. The paint can slowly get into the leather or the suede. This can make sure that your shoes will be like new again. In this article I will give you some advice about how to paint your leather or suede shoes.


1: Buy the appropriate paint

When you buy shoe paint it is important to make sure the paint is in the right colour. It is also important that the paint is from a good quality. Paint for leather can be bought in all kinds of colours and this can be tricky. Before you apply the paint, use the paint on a small part of the leather. In this way you will make sure it is the right colour.


2: Applying the paint

You first need to test the paint. In this way you will make sure you apply the right colour. You also need to apply the paint evenly. When you apply the shoe dye evenly, this will prevent you from creating ugly stains.


3: Drying

Make sure that you’ll give your shoe plenty of time to dry. The paint will need to get into the leather or suede to create the best result. This is very important! When you do this, you will be able to keep your shoes pretty for as long as possible.