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MapleStory Bowmaster guide

Bowmaster is a run, utility-based and differed class. In any case relies upon what kind of playstyle you lean toward. In case you’re going back and forth of playing Bowmaster, I’d prescribe you simply have a go at playing it in light of the fact that the most ideal approach to realize that you like (or abhorrence) a class is by basically playing it!

The general upsides and downsides of Bowmaster are recorded beneath. Useful links:


Best HP recuperation ability in the amusement – hold up what? better believe it, see Gameplay – > Skill Explanations – > second Job area.

High portability – has left, right, upwards, and downwards streak bounce, alongside Hookshot to lock onto crowds and furthermore has a regressive jump/drift ability.

Most elevated steady Status Resistance in the amusement – 120 Status Resistance from Focused Fury while assaulting beasts.

Scales well to high PDR crowds – Armor Break gives increasingly last harm dependent on beast PDR (up to 100% of the beast’s PDR, so 300% PDR = +300% Final Damage).

Portable assaulting – while utilizing Hurricane, you can hop and move, but with 100% development speed.

Solid summons – using Arrow Blaster, Fury of the Wild, Guided Arrow, and Storm of Arrows can enable you to assault adequately for a large portion of a moment while not squeezing a solitary catch.

Sharp Eyes – useful for buffing parties, and no requirement for Decent Sharp Eyes. Furthermore, does not require Decent Speed Infusion either.

Low measure of buffs – hurl three aptitudes onto pets and you simply need to physically buff Maple Warrior and one other ability. Buffs most recent 5 minutes at least.

Incredible mobbing – Arrow Blaster can take a stage and Arrow Stream gives decent vertical mobbing. Tempest of Arrows and Fury of the Wild can be pivoted in fifth Job for extremely brilliant post-fifth mobbing.

Moderately shortsighted Nodes – Bowmaster’s hubs are generally straightforward and it’s moderately simple to acquire impeccable trios.


Squishy at lower levels – when you’re preparing at lower levels you may end up low on HP, yet this won’t be a factor when you get some great guards and against managers that do %HP harm.

Expertise revolution overwhelming – you have to keep your aptitudes up for ideal harm; Bowmaster is definitely not a solitary catch class, BUT it’s NOT one where you have to squeeze stuff at regular intervals like Kinesis or Evan.

No invulnerability outlines – Hookshot gives very little power outlines however insufficient to be valuable by any means.

Uncommon class – very few play it, so you may experience issues finding a bow or auxiliary to buy.

No position – well, with the exception of the 150 Hyper Skill, yet no aloof position, anyway I don’t locate this a lot of an issue, it tends to be enhanced by Knight’s Watch (Mihile Link Skill) in any case if truly required.

So there you – “pause, shouldn’t something be said about the harm!” …goodness.


Bowmaster’s harm is entirely center to upper-ground, I presume? It’s neither sensational (for example Evil presence Avenger) nor horrible (for example Kanna). However, this progressions by the fix and ought not be a major factor in what you decide to primary. Pick a class that you play around with, not a class that does great harm. In any case, as of the Black refresh, it’s #7 DPM in the event that you incredibly need to know