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Order your favourite items from an experienced distributor of vintage clothing for wholesale

Brasco b.v. is a wholesale distributor of vintage clothing. These experts offer over three hundred different categories of clothing, ranging from accessories to jackets and footwear to dresses. All of the items they offer can be divided into different eras of time, such as the 90s, the 80s or the 70s. Additionally, they also offer items from varying styles, you could think of punk, indie or grunge, but also clothes from the biggest brands across the globe. So, you will surely be able to find items that you would be happy to display and sell in your store. The customers will storm through your doors once you display the unique items that you bought at Brasco b.v. So, boost your sales now and order vintage clothing at this wholesale distributor.

Fill a large bag with vintage clothing and accessories

Chances are that you are able to find a lot of items that you want at Brasco b.v., because they have so many unique and beautiful vintage clothing for wholesale. Thankfully, these experts allow you to fill a bag of twenty kilograms with clothes and accessories, but you are also able to fill a bulk bag that holds one hundred kilograms of clothes and other items. So, shop your heart out and order all of the items that you like. It does not matter how much you order, these experts deliver all over the world at attractive shipping rates, as they have deals with shipping companies across the globe.

Download the extensive catalogue now

Would you like to have a clear overview of the complete collection of these experts? Feel free to contact them and request their catalogue. This enables you to take a look at the collection and select the items that are interesting to you. They are more than happy to send it to you, so do not hesitate any longer and request it now.