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Saving water

For most people it is a normal case that you have the possibility to use water at every time and every place. But at some places in the world this is a very big problem. For example, in Cape Town in South Africa. Because of the climates changes the water will be a moment that you turn on the tap and nothing comes out in Cape Town.

So to prevent this every person in Cape Town is allowed to use 25 liters a day. Because of this and other measures Day Zero can be avoided. But this is no guarantee. In the whole world in is raining less and less because of the global warming. The climates are changing and this means that there can be other places where it is possible that you turn on the tap and nothing comes out. To prevent this it is important that you are going to be sparingly with the water.

To save water you can turn of the tap when you are brushing your teeth. You can short your shower. An average shower uses 10 liters of water. When you take a bath you use 115 liters of water to fill the bathtub. This is four times the allowed amount of water the people in Cape Town are allowed to use.

You can also consider to buy new machines. Maybe you can buy a new washing machines. Newer machines are economically. For example, a washing machines use less water.

To save water in your own household you can also buy a water pump. At this way you can reuse rainwater. The water in the basin can be used to flush the toilet with maceration. You can also use a tallas pump to irrigate the garden. You can use rainwater from the basin for this so you are helping the nature a little bit.