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Solutions in product development

The development of products for industry is often accompanied by setbacks. Particles and powders underlie these products and knowledge about the properties of these substances is required. If for one reason or another you get stuck in the development process, you can call in the help of Solids Solutions. We deal with technology in the field of particles and powders. We carry out extensive research into this, so that we can offer you solutions in the development of specific products.


Solids Solutions research

Solids Solutions has specialized in various industries, from the medicine and food industry, to the agriculture and building materials industry. We are happy to share the knowledge we gain through various studies with you. Amongst others by means of presentations and seminars.


Sedimentation nanoparticles

In our laboratory, we carry out various studies in the field of particles and powders. All possible aids and techniques are available for this. For example, we carry out particle research by means of a sedimentation analysis. This involves looking at how quickly particles settle in a liquid. Based on this analysis the particle size can eventually be calculated. We also carry out a sedimentation nanoparticle analysis, which can be used to determine the diameter of nanoparticles. More information about differential centrifugal sedimentation nanoparticles.


Dynamic light scattering

“cles is dynamic light scattering. This method is mainly used to investigate the particle size and properties of powders. The scattered particles are illuminated with a laser beam, which makes it possible to determine the size of the particles, but also the particle size distribution. Different properties of the particles determine their interaction with the light of the laser. Using the light scattering pattern, information can be obtained about the size of the individual particles. Would you like to know more about sedimentation or dynamic light scattering nanoparticles? Please contact us.

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